Clouds, Rain, and Steam

When you're planning a day of photography, you don't get to pick what weather you'll have that day. Of course you want picture perfect Hawai'i-like weather, but in the South we don't have that luxury. The seasons here, well, they're hard to describe exactly. October 28 was just one of those days. We had a little bit of fall weather up until this day and then boom! Wake up, walk out the door to meet a friend, and we're dressed in layers with coats. On top of that, rain is in the forecast until after lunch. On the agenda this day, was to chase two steam locomotives (yes, it's really a thing) from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Summerville, Georgia. I'm sure you're already thinking... So I will explain. 

Kyle's part-time job is at the railroad museum in Chattanooga. There, he is a engineer and fireman on the steam locomotives. Throughout most of the year the railroad runs all day excursions to Summerville, Georgia. It's a 100 mile round-trip, all-day adventure behind a 1911 steam locomotive. Nearly all of these trips are pulled by Southern 4501. On select dates, they run a doubleheader. This features 4501, along with the museums other operable steam locomotive, Southern 630. So on this day, my friends and I started in Chattanooga and followed the train shooting pictures and videos along the way.

The rain also stuck with us for the first half of the day. Like I said you don't get to choose your weather conditions, but when something is your passion and what you love you don't let some rain and clouds ruin it. Actually I enjoy cloudy day photography. Mix in some steam and you get some amazing pictures. 

And now our trip begins.... 

Aside from shooting over 400 pictures on this day I also shot some video at nearly every location. Here are a couple to help these pictures come to life.