A Scottsboro Sunset


This past Saturday was our reception for my family and friends in Alabama. When we were leaving to head that way on Friday afternoon, we checked the traffic on our phones to see that there was nothing unusual about it. Every way west out of Chattanooga was red on the maps! So, we decided we would take the scenic route and go down into Georgia and cut across the mountains to Scottsboro. We went on our way stopping at one of our favorite restaurants, Jefferson's, in Summerville, for some double dipped fried Mac & Cheese bites. Then, continued across Lookout Mountain, admiring the peak of this year's perfect fall colors. By the time we were heading down the mountain, the sun was beginning to set. We got to the bottom just in time to witness a picture perfect sunset over the Tennessee River in front of us (Just another reason to always take your camera. You never know what you will see along the way!). Sunsets have always been one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Enjoy this sunset over the Tennessee River!