Wings Over North Georgia / US Navy Blue Angels / October 2017

We will soon continue with our Hawaii series, but first I want to start this year's first post with something that's always fun for me to photograph: the U.S Navy Blue Angels. Back in the fall of 2017, some friends and I had chased the steam locomotive from Chattanooga TN to Summerville, GA, as we usually do. On this particular weekend, the Wings over North Georgia Airshow was happening in Rome, GA. Since Rome is just a 25 minute drive from Summerville, it only made sense to go down to see the show! The Blue Angels were to perform at 3:00, and so we arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. We parked, and then walked just inside the gate, where we probably had the best view you could have. 

Right on time, the F/A - 18 Hornets took to the sky. We had the perfect vantage point to see them as they took off. This was my fourth time seeing them perform, and they never fail to amaze me. It's hard to photograph and enjoy the show at the same time! When the show begins planes 1-4 fly together and planes 5 and 6 are the solo jets. These two are definitely fun to keep your eyes on. 

Near the end of the show all 6 planes join together to do some pretty incredible stunts!  

If you ever have the chance to see the Blue Angels, don't miss your opportunity! They are based out of Pensacola, Florida, so you may be able to catch one of their weekly practices on base. Check for more information! 

While you're here, check out my gallery from the whole performance! 

After leaving the show we grabbed some Starbucks and headed back to Chattanooga. The train was nearly back by this time, so we knew we wouldn't see it along the way. It was a fun day with friends getting to enjoy our hobby with an added treat. A couple of them had never seen the Blue Angels and were completely amazed and saying, "I'm so glad we came!" After we arrived at the railroad museum, the steam locomotive was still there, but about to head back to the shop for the day. We all went down by the Chickamauga Creek bridge and watched it one last time.